Irrigation computer


24 irrigation programs. In every program until 32 groups of valves. Each group can contain from one to six valves that are operated at the same time. The groups of valves are activated in sequence, everyone with its programmable time or volume of irrigation (in litres if a litres counter is connected, in this case a control of the effective opening of the valves is possible). An event table allows to record the power-up and power-down times and eventual not opened or not closed valves. The sequence of the valves is free. A program can be activated or at 5 different daily times or cyclically with fixed pause or in function of the light sum. A program can be linked to others: at the end of a program another program  can be activated.

The light sensor is included.

Up to 16 IPMAX can be serially connected to a Supervision PC from which all the irrigation system can be easily programmed and controlled. A remote Internet or modem connection is also possible.

One or more IPMAX-NET can be connected to a network of mAgricomp Climate Control to form an Integrated Climate and Irrigation System: the IPMAX-NET can read the climatic measurements made in each compartments by the Climate Control System and an irrigation program can be associated to a climatic zone. In this way the program associated can be started in function of the climatic conditions of that zone.


The IPMAX-FERT are like the IPMAX-NET, but can be connected to an AGRIMIX fertilizers mixer to activate one of the 31 possible recipes every time a fertigation program is activated.