Agricontrol is one of the most important producers of Greenhouse Climate Control Computers and Controllers. We began our production in the early 80s. We made our first Greenhouse Computer in 1982 and we can proudly say that this computer is still functioning in Sanremo (north western Italy). Our controllers and computers are now present in greenhouses all over the world.

Our production goes from the simple thermostat to the most complex Distributed Control Computer System, capable to control theoretically up to 99 greenhouses at the same time, all connected to a centralized Supervision PC.

In 1994 we began the research and development of Computerized Fertigation Systems. Our present production comprehends different equipment from the simplest to the most complex: from 2 to 6 mother solutions and pH control; from 16 to 100 irrigation valves; from 18 to 120 m3/h (cubic meters per hour) of maximum flow.

Our Fertigation Systems are in line mixers, in which the desired fertilizing solution is made by direct injection of the fertilizers and acid in a pressurized mixing tank, controlling the EC and the pH of the solution. The result is a very reliable system where the moving parts are few and the control is precise thanks to the computer control.