Controllers for automatic activation of irrigation

Light sum controller


 INTS-01 : When the light sum reaches a programmed value, a relay is closed to activate a pump or an irrigation valve for a programmable time in minutes and seconds. When the number of valves is more than one, the controller can be connected to an Agricontrol irrigation programmer (IP-xx) to start an irrigation program.

Substrate moisture measurement


X-WET-FDR :  The X-WET-FDR Controller allows the automatic activation of the irrigation when the soil moisture degree becomes lower than a programmable value. When it is the time of irrigation, following his experience, the user can read the degree of soil moisture on the display and write this value as the set-point of the Controller. Everytime the soil moisture degree becomes lower than the programmed value, the irrigation is automatically activated. The Soil Moisture Sensor is based on the measurement of the dielectric constant of the soil in function of its volumetric water content (FDR sensor) and allows accurate measurements of all soils and soilless media in a wide range of salinities. The user can disable the activation of the irrigation in a programmable time interval (for instance, during the night) and can read the number of daily activations for optimizing the setpoint.

The X-WET-FDR is a professional equipment, easy to use and with an efficient alarm system for monitoring the sensor.