Irrigation programmers


X-IP : Small Irrigation programmers for 2 valves+pump or 3 valves. For every valve programmable time in minutes and seconds.

4 irrigation programs. 5 daily start times per program. Cyclic irrigation: programmable pause between two cycles. Water budget. It does not lose time and programs in absence of power.


IPW-xx : Irrigation Programmers respectively for the control of 14 (IPW-14), 30 (IPW-30), 46 (IPW-46) or 62 valves (IPW-62). Up to 16 irrigation programs. Interval in days between days of activation. Every program can be started at 5 different times or cyclically (up to 99 cycles). IPWs don’t lose time and programs in absence of power. Every valve is programmable independently (max activation time 60 min 255 sec). User friendly interface with LCD display and 4 keys.

IPW programmer can optionally be connected to a Supervision PC with our Supervision Software.


​IP-05-IS / IP-15-IS : 

Irrigation Programmers for 5 or 15 valves with Solar Integrator. This is a light intensity counter that counts more fast when there is more light. When the light counter reaches a programmable value the irrigation program is started automatically.

For each of the 20 programs there is a light counter. With the light counter the interval between two programs activation is a function of the light intensity. A program can also be activated in 3 daily programmable times. These Programmers are especially useful for mist control or in simple soil less plants. The light sensor is included.