CO2 controllers


C-AGRI-CO2/1 : The CO2 concentration controller is connected to a CO2 Level Analyzer with 0-10VDC output for 0-3000 ppm. The CO2 concentration control is made by cyclic activation of an emission valve for a time proportional to the CO2 level measured by the Analyzer. A light intensity sensor allows to stop CO2 emissions for low light intensity. A day time period for enabling emissions is also programmable by an internal clock. The emissions can also be stopped by closing an external contact: for example by a stop switch that closes the contact when the vents are open more than a certain quantity.

C-AGRI-CO2/4 : The C-AGRI-CO2/4 operates in the same way as the C-AGRI-CO2/1, but for 4 compartments at the same time. In fact it is connected to 4 different Analyzers.

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