Thermal screens and shading control


X-LUX / X-LUX-T : Thermal Screen and Shading control in function of light intensity: night closing, morning opening step by step, shading with programmable partial opening.
Programmable hour period for forced closing. Light intensity sensor included.
The version X-LUX-T includes a temperature sensor for closing when the temperature is lower than a programmable value (thermal screen).
C-AGRILUX-nZ / C-AGRILUX-T-nZ : Multi-compartments controllers for screen/shading control in function of light intensity in 2, 3 or 4 compartments at the same time. The “-T-2Z” and “-T-3Z” versions have also a temperature sensor for every compartment (screen-ridge sensor).


C-AGRILUX-U : Screen/Shading control in function of light and humidity, for programmable opening of the screen for high humidity. Light intensity and relative humidity sensors are included.

C-AGRILUX-TU : Screen/Shading control in function of light, temperature and humidity. Sensors included.

C-AGRILUX-TA : Light and temperature control and programmable hour period in which curtains are forced in the desired position.

C-AGRILUX-TWP : Control of external shading houses with moving curtains in function of temperature, wind speed and rain. A possible snow situation is also detected to open the screen and avoid possible damage to the structure.

Q-X-LUX/ Q-AGRILUX : Switch-board containing the controller and the power for one or more independent motors. Also the versions “-T”, “-U”, “-TU”, “-TWP” and “-TA” are available (see previous controllers).