On/Off heating controllers

X-TH : Microprocessor operated thermostat (one relay): on/off control of heating systems (hot air generators, aerotherms). Watertight (IP55). Programmable differential between on and off. It stores in memory the minimum and maximum of temperature starting from the initialization. Visualization of the measured temperature. Temperature adjusting from the keyboard. The temperature sensor is included.

X-TH-2P : Two points thermostat (2 relays): low temperature and high temperature switching. On/off heating and ventilation control with one equipment. The temperature sensor is included.



Heating Controllers (Mixing Valve+Booster Pump)

X-RISCAB1-P : Controller for 1 mixing valve+circulation pump. It calculates the optimal heating pipe temperature in function of the desired and measured ambient temperature and controls the mixing valve with a floating algorithm (2 relays). The circulation pump is controlled for optimum energy consumption and uniform temperature distribution. Thanks to the programmable limitation of the maximum heating pipe temperature, it can be used indifferently for ambient and for benches/soil heating. The two temperatures sensors are delivered with the controller.

C-RISCABn-P : Controllers with the same functions of the X-RISCAB1-P, but, respectively, for the control of two (C-RISCAB2-P), three (C-RISCAB3-P) and four (C-RISCAB4-P) independent heating systems. For each controlled heating system two temperature sensors are included (ambient temperature and heating pipe temperature).