The PC Supervision Program has been expressly developed by Agricontrol to give the user of the µAgricomp/MCX Climate Control Systems and AGRIMIX Fertigation Systems a powerful mean to easily control even very complex greenhouse installations.

The Supervision Program allows:

  • the real time visualization, on an animated drawing of each greenhouse, of the measurements made by the different sensors;
  • the visualization of the alarms state and of the state of the commands generated by the distributed computers;
  • to create historical files of the measurements and their visualization as graphs or tables;
  • to program the set-points of every distributed computer in a simple form; etc.

Since every µAgricomp/MCX/Agrimix has its own keyboard and display, that allow to visualize and program every function of the computer standing in the greenhouse and the Supervision PC allows the visualization and programming of all the climate computers and fertigation units connected to the serial line, we can say that these control systems are distributed and centralized at the same time. The maximum of the control possibilities.