The µAgricomp Multitab is an enhanced version of the µAgricomp System.
The main characteristic is the possibility to divide the 24 hours day in up to 6 periods where all the set-points of the control functions can be programmed in a different way. Every period has its own independent programming table.
The starting time of each period can be set as an absolute clock hour or as a number of hours and minutes before/after the sunrise or the sunset.
This can be done for each one of the control functions and not only for vents and heating as in the even more complex systems made by the competitors. In details a µAgricomp Multitab in a greenhouse can control:
• vents in function of temperature and humidity, light intensity, wind speed and direction, rain detection. Side vents are controlled independently of ridge vents.
• air and soil heating systems in function of temperature and humidity.
• screening and shading in function of temperature and light intensity.
• forced ventilation and cooling in function of temperature and humidity.
• fog and mist in function of temperature, humidity and light intensity/radiation.
• CO2, etc.

The distributed Climate Control System µAgricomp Multitab is composed by a Master Unit, that is connected to the Meteo Station and controls a chosen compartment, and by a maximum of 98 Slave Units, each controlling one compartment. The Multitab Master has the connection with both internal and external sensors.
All the computers are connected by means of a common serial line (RS485) that can be connected also to a Supervision PC. Through the serial line the Slaves receive the meteo measurements from the Master and the Master receives the ambient data and alarms from the Slaves (Cross control).
Savings in cable length, modularity and availability are the main advantages of a distributed greenhouses control system.